Four Rules for Success: Show up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, and Don’t be Attached to the Outcome.

This quote comes from Angeles Arrien, a cross-cultural anthropologist, teacher, and author. Ii’s a powerful quote and I really like it, so I thought I would share it with you, and along with it, give you some ideas of how you might apply it in your business life.

Show Up

How do you show up every day when you get to work? Are you tired, overwhelmed, and anxious, or are you excited and enthusiastic. When you pick up the phone to talk to a customer, do you dread making the call or do plan on finding a way to be of service. How do you see yourself in that very moment?

What about when you arrive for an appointment. Are you prepared? Do you know what you want to say? Do you have your paperwork in order? How is your presentation? Do you feel good about it?

When we are prepared, we naturally feel more confident. When you feel confident, you will be in control of the conversation. YOU are the expert. Not the customer. When they throw you off (which they will) you know where to come back in. When they give you objections (which they will) you will know what to say.

How do you show up emotionally in your work? Are you feeling fearful? That’s pretty normal, especially if you are new in your business or just ramping up. Perhaps you have stress in your life in others areas. Can you compartmentalize your emotions? If you are like me, that’s not so easy. Everyone has stress…that’s life. Part of the problem is that we think that no one else has these problems, or feels the way you do. When we think that way, we are just comparing our insides with someone else’s outsides. In our world today, stress is at an all-time high. Most people have to work hard to survive, pay the bills, and take care of their family. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be great… be a great mom, be in terrific physical shape, be the best at our work. AAAHHHH! We have to tone it down. So take the time to self-sooth, pamper yourself, relax, and do everything you can to make sure you show up for your work feeling as good as you possibly can.

Pay Attention

When we pay attention we are in the present moment. When we bring our attention to the here and now, there is no where else we can be. There has been a lot of research lately on how important it is to quiet the mind and be still. Stop right now and pay attention. Pay attention to what you are sensing. What do you see, hear, smell, taste. How does the air feel on your skin? Feel your pulse. When you are in the moment you can not be worried about the future or upset about something in the past. You have a heightened awareness and it is in this moment that something magical happens. You begin to notice subtle changes. You feel more connected with others and with your environment. It is in this space where you access your intuition and open up to your full potential.

Tell the Truth

OK, this is a big one. Always be 100% honest and tell the truth. In business, there can be that pull to be a little dishonest.  Maybe it is because of the pressure to make the sale or get a customer. Does being dishonest make the sale? Maybe. But in the long run it will damage your reputation and your clients won’t trust you. When you tell the truth, they can still get mad at you. However, after a short time they usually get over it and eventually are thankful. …thankful that you were honest with them and told them the truth. 

Don’t be attached to the Outcome

I love this one. It takes away all the pressure to get the deal. It also gives you the option to walk away. It opens up all possibilities and the knowing they are all ok. How many times have you not gotten that new customer only to realize later that it worked out for the better? Maybe you didn’t really want that person as a customer. What about in your personal life? Haven’t there been times in your life where you went through a difficult time, and when you were going thru it you thought it was really bad. Then later you look back and see how that “bad” time shaped your life for the better. Can you imagine seeing your life unfolding that way more and more, and how much lighter and interesting all the events of your life would become?

In our business, and in our personal lives, we can only do our very best for today. Right now, in this moment, you are the best. See yourself as being exactly where you are supposed to be. You do not have to “beat yourself up” for not knowing more, or being better. Just trust that based on your level of knowledge and experience, you are in the exact right place. Every day you are learning and growing. You are in the process of becoming. We are not sure what the future holds, so why be attached to the outcome. Trust that the universe, God, or your higher self, has placed you on just the right path for you, and that it will be exciting every step of the way.






About Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis is an entrepreneur and professional Life Coach. She specializes in coaching with a spiritual perspective. Spirituality is a way of life, not a religion. The challenge today for so many people is finding balance between outer success and inner peace. By accessing your innate inner wisdom, identifying your core values, and working to transform fear into love, Debbie will help you create balance, happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional worlds. For over 25 years, Debbie has been studying Eastern and Western spirituality and has worked with many master teachers. Combined with her successful career as business owner and entrepreneur, Debbie has the insights and experience to help you on your journey. Debbie is a certified life coach. She completed a year-long training program with Coach for Life, an accredited program with the ICF (International Coach Federation). In addition to life coaching, she shares her gifts and talents by writing, speaking, and teaching various classes locally and online
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2 Responses to Four Rules for Success: Show up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, and Don’t be Attached to the Outcome.

  1. Terry Mandel says:

    This quote comes from Angeles Arrien, a cross-cultural anthropologist, teacher, and author. She was my mentor and friend for more than a quarter century and recently died. I request you update your blog to properly attribute this to her. You can find more information about Angeles, her teachings, and books at With deep respect, Terry

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