That Message was for Me!

Today is the first post on my new blog. Wow! I am very excited. Its also been a week of many firsts. I’ve made a career change. Its more like another reinvention of my livelihood. This time I am leaving professional sales, to return to a more spiritually based business, Life Coaching. It’s not entirely new, as I was certified as a life coach 10 years ago and worked in the field for a short time. That was, of  course, a different time in my life. (it’s always different, right). At that time, I was just not ready for the lessons that I was receiving as a coach. I had alot of FEAR. That’s right, plain old fear was running my life. I was involved in a relationship that was unhealthy, and emotional abusive. My “love reserve” was on low. So, after training and becoming a coach, and working with clients for a short time, one day, out of FEAR, I picked up the phone, called an old friend, and got a job in the corporate world. Seven years later, after being on the material roller coaster…. making alot of money and also going thought money scarcity with the ups and downs of markets, etc., I felt completely out of touch with my spirit. I’m not sure when I realized this. It was like one day I woke up and didn’t feel like I was the same person anymore, I was the outsider looking in. I didn’t fit into the corporate world. I never did really, but I knew how to camouflage well. I was chasing something and it held my interest for a while, kind of like when you get lost in movie and forget about your own life. But this was not a movie that entertained for a couple of hours and than it was over. This movie lasted years and when it was over, I felt drained and empty. All that material stuff never really amounted to much and although it may have filled my closets, it certainly didn’t fill my spirit.

Letting go the didn’t come easy. Although I was getting the message to leave from many places and at different times, I had to drag it out for some time. One of the messages came to me when I went to England last summer with my son and my friend. I wanted to go to England to see crop circles. (that goal alone should have been a good indication that I never fit in the corporate world) The trip was amazing and beyond words.  The first circle we visit on our first morning in Avebury, was a huge beautiful double spiral. It was so perfect. The circle had been there for several weeks, but it still had such great structure. It was a gorgeous morning, and we walked across the field and into the circle. I could feel the energy right away. It was strong and yet welcoming. We were so happy to be there. After a while, I sat in the middle of the double spiral and meditated. The message I received was that these spirils represented the spiritual and the material worlds. That I cannot be in only the material world and I cannot only be in the spiritual world, I must walk in both at the same time. I thought, well that feels like a nice message to bring more balance into my life. Then a few days later in our trip, I had a quick tarot card reading from a women who was staying at the bed and breakfest, and she said the same thing. Wow, I thought. Maybe I should pay attention to this.

Fast forward to today. The message and the image from that crop circle has never left me. I am ready to come back to life coaching with more experience and most importantly, more balance. I am in a good place in my life, and I am ready to learn the lessons that Im sure will be coming with this choice. Some may be very difficult, as life coaching is not for the faint of heart. I ask for guidance and support my all my guides and teachers as I embark on this journey. I feel my purpose in this lifetime is to take all my experiences from the different chapters of my life so far, and help others, along with myself, find the balance of walking in the spiritual and the material world.


About Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis is an entrepreneur and professional Life Coach. She specializes in coaching with a spiritual perspective. Spirituality is a way of life, not a religion. The challenge today for so many people is finding balance between outer success and inner peace. By accessing your innate inner wisdom, identifying your core values, and working to transform fear into love, Debbie will help you create balance, happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional worlds. For over 25 years, Debbie has been studying Eastern and Western spirituality and has worked with many master teachers. Combined with her successful career as business owner and entrepreneur, Debbie has the insights and experience to help you on your journey. Debbie is a certified life coach. She completed a year-long training program with Coach for Life, an accredited program with the ICF (International Coach Federation). In addition to life coaching, she shares her gifts and talents by writing, speaking, and teaching various classes locally and online
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2 Responses to That Message was for Me!

  1. YAY! I’m super excited for you on your (not so new) adventures! God Bless!

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